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It is impossible to imagine the world of wallcoverings and interior fabrics without considering ARTE. Since its foundation in 1981 ARTE is creating products of the highest quality. The combination of cutting-edge in house creative design and a strong focus on service guarantees the success of ARTE. 

Although the ARTE brand is synonymous for innovative and trend-setting high-end wallcoverings, ARTE's product range extends well beyond wallcoverings, and includes a vast array of high-end interior fabric collections. 

A team of ARTE-specialists painstakingly follows the latest trends and signals of the market. ARTE wants to be the trendsetter who combines both originality and creativity with quality and applicability. 

A further extension to this philosophy was the very early creation of ARTE's own design studio A.D.D. (ARTE Design and Development). This design studio assures a continuity and guarantees ARTE a place among the worlds finest interior design companies.

ARTE는 독특하고 강한 패턴의 벽지보다는 퀄리티가 느껴지는 은은하고 고급스러운 컬러와 텍스처의 솔리드,

그리고 우아함과 아름다움의 카리스마가 느껴지는 패턴의 벽지로 유명하다.


또한 ARTE의 컬렉션은 시간과 공간에 제한되지 않으며 유행을 타지 않아 최고의 벽지로 찬사받는다.

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